Refrigeration Repair

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Every restaurant, business or company should have commercial refrigeration equipment
that will help run the business efficiently. At Frosthouse & Electrical – Air Conditioning &
Refrigeration, we understand the needs of all business owners and pay close attention to
everything related to their product needs; We’re here to offer top-notch HVAC repair,
installations and service.

We believe in providing excellent customer service and strive to exceed your expectations.

We’re also committed to making your experience with us hassle-free and stress-free, so you
can rest easy knowing your HVAC equipment is in good condition.

We invest in ongoing education and training to keep our professionals up to date on the
latest technology and best practices in the industry.

That’s why our professionals have the
necessary knowledge and skills to provide excellent service and treatment to our clients.

Our services extend to the following:

Frosthouse & Electrical – Refrigeration

Frosthouse & Electrical – Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, with 9 years of business
experience, has become the preferred HVAC partner in the field, working with both small
and large corporates alike. We have a great team of trained professionals 24/7 to provide
fast and efficient service.

Our strict approach to inventory control, excellent customer
service and attention to detail means you can trust us with all your refrigeration needs.
Work and needs are fixed.

Get a company you can trust

Find out why restaurants and business owners in Zimbabwe trust Frosthouse & Electrical –
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration for their commercial refrigeration needs. Call (+263) 781
260 260 to speak with one of our friendly representatives or get started online today!