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Air Duct Cleaning Service in Harare, Zimbabwe

Frosthouse & Electrical - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is pleased to bring the good news to you that we have taken air duct cleaning to the next level and are excited to introduce professional air duct cleaning. We provide a committed and qualified team to clean your air handler and ductwork. Don’t settle for only surface cleaning, we get to the source and eliminates all problems.

Improving health through clean air

Air pollution has been a concern for decades. Dust and dander, spores and pollen are often regularly trapped by the filter and cause problems for people with allergies and breathing.
But many of the most dangerous biological diseases (such as viruses, bacteria, and viruses) are also very injurious. They are small enough to pass freely through the mesh of the air filter and are carried into the ducts by the air current, where they become trapped in debris and dirt.
These dark, damp areas are also ideal breeding grounds for pests in your HVAC system

How Do I Know That I Now Need Air Duct Cleaning Service

When family members or employees begin experiencing unexplained symptoms or illnesses (like wheezing, coughing, hives, and vomiting) more frequently, it's time to check your ductwork channels.
Professional duct cleaning experts in are needed if:

People who have pets, smoke or have weak immune systems (especially the elderly and
babies) need more clean ventilation services.
The most dangerous thing in our airspace is the invisible enemy, which is why we need your
HVAC systems cleaned by our cleaning experts.
Other elements of air pollution include fumes from paints, varnishes and adhesives used in
renovation projects, as well as cleaning products and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
But the biggest threat is biological particles that are too small for traditional filters to
Since HVAC systems must be leak free, the air coming out of dirty pipes is not diluted with
fresh air coming from outside and pollution is reduced. Research shows that indoor air
quality is often five to 10 times higher than outdoor air quality. Add bacteria, viruses, and
fungi to these toxins, and it’s clear why regular air duct cleaning schedules are a hygiene

Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Services

You may have heard the word “duct system” before. So what is the function of HVAC ducts?
Ductwork consists of many pathways that allow hot or cold air to circulate through your
home or business. Over time, dust and other contaminants can accumulate in your air ducts,
affecting indoor air quality (IAQ) and endangering you and your loved ones.
The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has identified indoor air pollution as one of
the threats to human health in Zimbabwe. Therefore, scheduling periodic air duct cleaning
services is an important step to maintaining the quality of air in your home or company.

Remember that dirty pipes are a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Therefore, your
family’s or employees health should not be exposed to these risks.

What Does An Air Duct Cleaning Service Include?

Air duct cleaning is the process of removing dirt and other contaminants from the ducted
HVAC system. It is a service provided by every company on ventilation system cleaning. With
us, here’s is the areas you can expect to be inspected and disinfected:

For Duct Cleaning in Harare, Call the Company You Can Trust

Mold, dust and harmful bacteria are just a few of the germs and bacteria that can hide in
your home’s ductwork channels. If a member of your family or employee is experiencing an
unexplained or allergic problem, it is best to schedule an air duct cleaning service in your
home or company with a professional immediately.

At Frosthouse & Electrical – Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, your comfort is our priority.
This way, we guarantee that our technicians are experts in air duct cleaning services,
including ductwork maintenance and installation of all sizes. Improve air quality and
circulation and invest in your family’s continued health. Contact us to make an appointment
on (+263) 781 260 260. We are committed to providing a high level of comfort for your
home or office.